I’m afraid…and that’s not a drama!

I don’t know how many brazilian friends of mine will understand each word I’m gonna write here, but I don’t mind.

Everything I know at this moment is that I’m afraid.

I’m afraid of being pursued on the streets I pass every day at 6a.m.

Today I saw some drunk guys on the street while I was walking to my destination: my job. While I were worried about my time to get work, some weird person on the street were disturbing the responsible ones.

Some of them have no idea of what they’re doing, but the most of them know exactly what they’re doing, and that’s what make me feel afraid.

A man with a bottle of Vodca on his hand began to jerk his hand on the butt of a girl who waited for a bus with her ​​friend in the Avenida Paulista in Sao Paulo. That made me even more perplexed and fearful in the face of trauma that I already own. That was today! Oh my God!

I can’t believe that the machismo doesn’t change  his face when the person is beside himself.

The most absurd was that the girl did nothing. Nor was shocked. Oh! But I was! The boy passed by my side. My luck was he had not even noticed me.
The truth is that my fear is about this: I’m afraid of being chased by a crazy, fear of being assaulted as I was once in my life, and I have never been able to forget  the figure that appeared in front of the blue asking me all I had on hand. Every time I walk on any street that is, I look at all sides, as if I expected someone to appear in front of me with a gun saying “lost, lost,” as happens very often where I am currently living.
How to solve this problem that has become a custom of the marginalized? Give them glamorous? I think not!
The best solution would be the real investment in education, as I have said many times here in my humble blog. But unfortunately, this is a long-term issue and we need to urgently address this issue, which is killing thousands of people every day in Brazil.
And I? How do I? As each day passes, I feel even more fear.
I’m afraid of everything I should not fear, even leaving. Deprive myself of certain things for fear that eats away at me.

I fear the nightlife, because people do not know how to control themselves, and I do not know what I expect from them in each corner I cross. This is very inhumane.

How can I live my life honestly, while there are people stealing? How can I live my life safely, if exist bandits released?

I’m afraid and also tired of living like that: I feel like a criminal person who is always fleeing police. At least, I was not caught by the marginal. Thank God!

Maybe, when it happens, someone will do something to develop the national security, literally.

I hope I am not the victim. I have a life to live and too many wishes to make true.

I’m alone and I’m afraid right now. I’m all by myself on an apartment bedroon with nobody to help me if something happens, like if I pass out. There is nobody here to give me safe and security, and I have to face another dawn on the street to go work, with all the fear you can imagine.

Today, I’m trying to relax and go out to a dancing party of my baloon class, but I’m afraid to go out alone, and, of course, of coming back at 1 am. My alternative is to take a Taxi to come back home…(and, maybe, to go out too. That’s insane! I will loose all my money with this fear…).

My God, I feel as if in panic disorder and that’s not healthy.

In fact, if you think about it, all the normal fall in the same situation: living in fear of others, other people who are unknown and that can hurt us. If there is any fear in me, I discovered that it is one and I do not like this psychological persecution.

I’m afraid. I’m REALLY afraid.

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